Metropolitan Atlanta, which has attracted millions of new residents in recent decades, forms the heart of one of the five US megaregions. Home to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta is an international capital for public health, as well as for higher education and entrepreneurship. The City of Atlanta itself – unlike many metropolitan core cities – has also seen significant recent population increase, which is fueling numerous creative infill and redevelopment projects.

Atlanta’s reputation for sprawl is now matched by a formidable regional response. Public-private partnerships and extensive reform networks are initiating nationally relevant strategies to reduce emissions, enhance sustainability and promote healthy lives. Atlanta has more than 15 million square feet of recent transit-related development, and livable neighborhoods to explore at every scale, from historic in-town streetcar suburbs and mixed-use tower districts, to walkable infill developments, to recreated town centers in sprawl-engulfed suburban communities.

Here are INTIMATE GLIMPSES of several thriving new and historic “intown” Atlanta neighborhoods, featuring maps, neighborhood vignettes, places of interest, and more: