CNU Atlanta depends on the dedicated work of volunteers for all aspects of its operations. The Chapter currently has five committees led by CNU Atlanta Board Members. If you are interested in volunteering for committee work, please email

    • Education Committee:
      Education Committee prepares educational materials for CNU Atlanta members and the larger public on the four selected focus areas of the CNU Atlanta chapter: Transportation, Suburban Retrofit, and Healthy Cities.
    • Communications Committee:
      Communications Committee is in charge of all chapter-related communications including email alerts, website updates and social media outreach (Facebook and Linked In).
    • Events Committee:
      Events Committee is in charge of all regular and one-time events organized by the Chapter, including the monthly meetups, spring and fall workshops/symposia, and project critiques.
    • Membership Committee:
      Membership Committee works to maintain existing membership, recruit new members and publicize member benefits in coordination with CNU National.
    • Sponsorship Committee:
      Sponsorship Committee runs the annual funds drive to identify donors who are interested in supporting to cause of the CNU Atlanta chapter.